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The EU Agency on Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) created in July 2016 is a successor of the European Police College, established in 2000. The aim of its functioning is the coordination of EU training policy and implementation of training courses for law enforcement and judiciary officials, especially in the EU’s priority areas (inter alia, counter terrorism, combating organised crime, public security, external police missions and the capacity building projects for third countries). CEPOL brings into general use knowledge on the mechanisms and instruments of the law enforcement cooperation, the EU institutions and agencies and their role in the security of the European Union. Moreover, it disseminates the results of the R&D projects and focuses on the development and modernisation of the tools and training methods in cooperation with the network of its partner training institutions in the EU Member States.

The training offer of CEPOL mirrors the training needs of the European Union, as formulated by the EU institutions of strategic level, as well as the training needs of the EU Member States, identified under the framework of multiple analysis, conducted regularly on annual basis. Thus, it brings an important added value to the national training system. It has also a synergic character, i.e. a number of its components cover the same thematic area. For that reason, it ensures a high level of flexibility, facilitating implementation of additional training activities, if requested. Having that in mind, it shall be also underlined that CEPOL implements the guidelines of the Stockholm programme, creating a broad, European police culture and conditions for harmonisation of the national police training systems in the EU.

The currently available training offer of CEPOL includes: residential activities, Internet seminars (so called webinars), on-line courses, e-learning modules, common curricula, additional video training materials (so called cyberbites) and the exchange programme, one of its most successful components that has been implemented in cooperation with Frontex for several years now. The target group of CEPOL are the police officials, as well as representatives of other law enforcement agencies and judiciary institutions. The major beneficiaries of the training offer - except for the Police units - are usually Border Guard, National Revenue Administration, Central Anti-Corruption Office, Internal Security Agency and National Prosecutor’s Office.

Coordination of cooperation under the CEPOL umbrella falls into the scope of competencies of the CEPOL National Unit (CNU), functioning in the structures of the National Police Headquarters. Its legal basis were formulated under a Resolution No. 95 of the Council of Ministers of 27th June 2017 on the establishment of the Polish CNU  (Official Journal of 7th July 2017, item 682). The tasks of the CNU include, inter alia, the promotion of the CEPOL training offer, carrying out the recruitment of training projects participants in cooperation with other law enforcement institutions, coordination of cooperation with the CEPOL Secretariat and similar contact points established in other EU Member States or third countries, providing opinions to the strategic proposals related with further development of cooperation within the CEPOL framework, etc.

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