Police Advice - About Polish Police

Police Advice

Police Advice

Police officers have the right to e.g.:

  • Check documents to verify personal identity,
  • Detain people who cause an obvious immediate danger to human life, health and property,
  • Perform superficial frisk and luggage checking in the case of justified suspicion of a committed prohibited act.

Protect your property:

  • Do not put your wallet with money and documents in external pockets on your clothing, otherwise you may became a pickpocket victim,
  • Protect your mobile phone against the possibility of being pulled from your hand; Do not leave your luggage unattended,
  • Do not leave documents, laptops, GPS navigation, mobile phones in your car,
  • Remember to close and lock your car.

WARNING: Notify the Police in the event of the loss of your possessions as a result of theft or breaking and entering!

Take care of your safety:

  • Do not socialize with unknown persons (do not make chance acquaintances),
  • Use only licensed taxi vehicles,
  • In the evenings and at nights avoid poorly lit places, side roads, parks, squares,
  • Change money only in banks and exchange office.

PLEASE NOTE: If you became an assault and robbery or battery victim, use the emergency number 112 or personally report the crime or incident to the nearest police station.

A written statement  is taken by a police officer on duty or prosecutor.


  1. In Poland, drinking of alcohol in public places (parks, squares, streets) is prohibited apart from summer gardens situated close to bars, cafés, restaurants.
  2. The transport of drugs and psychoactive substances into and out of the country is forbidden.
  3. The possession of a firearm without permission required by law is prohibited.
  4. The distribution and viewing of child pornography is forbidden.
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