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Personal Safety

Personal Safety

In the event of an emergency you should call the free emergency number 112, which is operated in both Polish and English.

Moreover, in Poland the following emergency telephone numbers are also available:

  • Ambulance -  tel. 112 / 999
  • Fire brigade - tel. 112 / 998
  • Police - tel. 112 / 997
  • Municipal Guards  - tel. 986

Connections with these numbers are free of charge from both private telephones and public payphones. Once you dial the emergency number, hold on. If you decide to hang up, it may prolong the entire procedure. Once you get connected, the dispatcher will forward your call to the relevant service depending on the type of incident or accident your are reporting.

Your report should be short, clear and precise. It must contain information about:

  • The place of incident (e.g. characteristic point and/or landmark should the street name be illegible or out of sight),
  • The kind of incident (e.g. assault, theft, murder, rape, scuffle/battery, collision/road accident, burglary, robbery, car theft, fraud, etc.),
  • The name of the person reporting the crime or incident (first name, surname, contact telephone).
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