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The Polish Police

The Police of the Republic of Poland are an uniformed and armed force, which main goal is to serve and protect the people, and to maintain public order and security (Act of 6 April 1990 on the Police).

The basic police activities:

  • the protection of people`s health and life, the protection of property,
  • the protection of public safety and order,
  • creating and organizing "community policing" and crime prevention activities,
  • detecting crimes and misdemeanours, arresting people who committed crimes,
  • the control of regulations, regarding public life and public spaces,
  • the cooperation with police forces from other countries and international organizations.

Polish Police were established as a centralized, armed and uniformed formation. The safety of people and the maintenance of public order is ensured by nearly 100 thousand police officers supported by almost 25 thousand civilian employees.

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