Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine visited Poland

On 16 November 2022, Mr Igor Bondarenko - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in charge of the National Central Forensic Institute of Ukraine - met at the National Police Headquarters with Deputy Commander in Chief of the Polish Police, Major General Paweł Dobrodziej.

The meeting was an opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss current challenges and threats, and to identify major current and future directions of police cooperation between Poland and Ukraine, also in relation to the warfare being waged in Ukraine.
During the meeting, Major General Paweł Dobrodziej emphasised that Ukrainian police officers can still count on the strong support of the Polish Police, including in the area concerning the investigation of war crimes committed by the military of the Russian Federation and the proper securing of evidence at the scenes of crimes. In this context, both the Ukrainian and Polish parties stressed the importance of strengthening and developing cooperation in conducting the activities of Joint Investigation Teams and Disaster Victim Identification Teams.
In turn, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs thanked for the expressions of support and solidarity and the assistance provided by the Polish Police, such as the provision of shelter to the families of Ukrainian police officers. He also added that the Polish Police is a partner that the Ukrainian party can always rely on, regardless of the circumstances.
In addition to Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police Major General Paweł Dobrodziej, the meeting was also attended by Colonel Paulina Filipowiak - Director of the International Police Cooperation Bureau of the National Police Headquarters, Colonel Grzegorz Napiórkowski - Director of the Criminal Bureau of the National Police Headquarters and Colonel Danuta Ulewicz MD, PhD - Deputy Director of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police.

  • Polish and Ukrainian delegates at the conference table
  • Exchange of gifts between Polish and Ukrainian counterparts
  • Ukrainian delegation at the conference table
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