Polish Police and INTERPOL strengthen cooperation in the fight against cybercrime

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police, Major General Paweł Dobrodziej hosted a meeting with Mr Craig Jones – Director of Cybercrime at Interpol. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen cooperation between the Polish Police and INTERPOL in combating cyber threats.

During the meeting, which took place on 6 December 2021 at the National Police Headquarters, its attendees highlighted the fact that cybercrime is one of the most dynamically developing areas of crime, which requires special consideration and needs to be addressed by law enforcement agencies.

In response to threats emerging from digital reality, the Polish Police are currently implementing a project to establish the Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime. During the meeting, Major General Paweł Dobrodziej together with Colonel Adam Cieślak, Plenipotentiary of the Commander-in-Chief of the Police for drafting organisational and legal solutions for establishing the Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime (CBZC), presented the basic assumptions of the new initiative, emphasizing that ensuring digital security is one of the priorities of the Polish Police. Both parties agreed that cybercrime is among the key challenges facing police forces around the world  - and if they want to be effective, they must continually improve their tools and methods of fighting cybercriminals.

The participants referred to the recently ended INTERPOL General Assembly in Turkey, where delegates adopted a resolution on combating global cybercrime threats through the INTERPOL channel. Director Craig Jones presented to the participants with the key tenets of INTERPOL's 2021-2025 Strategic Framework for Combating Cybercrime, which is most clearly expressed in the statement: "(...) to reduce the global impact of cybercrime and protect communities for a safer world.

Both parties assured of their readiness to cooperate, exchange experiences and willingness to undertake joint initiatives towards building and strengthening digital security.

Good and close relations with INTERPOL and major global partners, as well as a new, highly specialist player currently being established in the organisational structure of the Polish Police, constitute a considerable asset in the fight against all kinds of illegal activities in cyberspace.

In addition to Major Paweł Dobrodziej and Colonel Adam Cieślak, the meeting with the Interpol representative was attended by Colonel Paulina Filipowiak - Director of the International Police Cooperation Bureau, NPHQs and Lieutenant Marcin Bednarz - J-CAT Poland Cyber Liaison Officer at Europol.

  • Meeting participants sitting at the conference table
  • Director of Cybercrime at Interpol at the table
  • Representatives of Polish Police at the table
  • Representatives of Polish Police at the table
  • Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police and Director of Cybercrime at Interpol posing to photo
  • Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police and Director of Cybercrime at Interpol posing to photo with a commemorative board
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