Celebration of the Police Day in Lithuania

On September 24 - 26, 2021 a delegation of the National Police Headquarters headed by the Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Maj. Gen. Roman Kuster, visited Lithuanian town of Šiauliai as part of the official celebration of the Lithuanian Police Day. The visit of the Deputy Chief of the Polish Police was also an opportunity to thank the Polish police officers deployed to provide support to the Lithuanian police during the migration crisis.

The celebrations were held in connection with the 31st anniversary of regaining independence by Lithuania and the 103rd anniversary of the establishment of the Lithuanian Police. The invitation to participate in the event was issued by Mr. Renatas Požéla – Lithuanian Police Commissioner General.

The agenda of the central celebrations included, among others, the solemn roll call of police officers, the presentation of awards to distinguished police officers, the oath of cadets of the Lithuanian Police School. Guests could also enjoy performances by mounted police, traffic police, K9 unit and anti-terrorist sub-unit of the Lithuanian Police "ARAS".

The celebrations were also an opportunity for talks between Maj. Gen. Roman Kuster and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Police Commissioner General and Border Guard Commander of the Republic of Lithuania, who unanimously thanked for the support at the border, provided by the Polish police officers to the Lithuanian authorities, expressing appreciation for their actions and attitude - both in the line of duty and off duty.

An important part of the visit of the Polish Police delegation to Lithuania was also a meeting with the officers of the Anti-riot Unit from Poznań and the Command and Crisis Management Bureau of the National Police Headquarters, who are on duty in Lithuania in connection with the escalating migration crisis. On behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of the Police, Maj. Gen. Roman Kuster thanked the police officers for their commitment, highlighting the importance of this duty and stressing that it is an expression of solidarity and partnership in the face of a very serious challenge in this part of Europe.

The celebrations in Šiauliai were also attended by two officers from the City Police Station in Suwałki, members of the IPA - International Police Association. The invitation was issued by Mr. Vytautas Pliuskus - the President of the Lithuanian Section of the IPA.

At the ceremony, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief was accompanied by the Director of the International Police Cooperation Bureau of the National Police Headquarters, Col. Paulina Filipowiak.

  • Executives of Polish and Lithuanian Police
  • Polish police unit deployed in Lithuania
  • Lithuanian female traffic police officer
  • Police parade
  • Official speeches by Chiefs of Police
  • Lithuanian police orchestra
  • K-9 officer with his dog
  • Police parade in the city
  • Reporting readiness to celebrations
  • General view of the celebrations’ venue
  • Official report of the Commander of Polish police unit
  • Parade with police banners
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