Slovak and French Liaison Officers in Poland honoured with Silver Medals for Meritorious Service to the Police

On 26 August 2021 Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Police, Maj. Gen. Paweł Dobrodziej decorated two foreign Liaison Officers serving in Poland with Silver Medals for Meritorious Service to the Police. The honours were awarded to Mr. Olivier Ordas representing the French Police and Mr. Peter Juritka representing the Slovak Police.

The ceremony was held at the premises of the Historical Education Office - Museum of the History of the National Police Headquarters. Both Olivier Ordas and Peter Juritka are officers with several years of professional practice in our country. Their mission in Poland is a time of continuous efforts aimed at building good relations on the level of police cooperation and supporting initiatives to strengthen security.

In his address to the distinguished police officers, Maj. Gen. Paweł Dobrodziej emphasized their merits for the development of multidimensional police cooperation and assistance in the implementation of joint projects. While thanking for the cooperation and emphasizing the mutual advantages it brings, he expressed his wishes for further professional success and personal prosperity to the honoured police officers.

In September 2021, Mr. Olivier Ordas will complete his mission as Attaché for Internal Security at the French Embassy in Poland, while Mr. Peter Juritka's mission of Liaison Officer of the Slovak Ministry of Internal Affairs in Poland will expire in October this year.

Addressing the guests, the decorated officers thanked for the recognition of their service with Silver Medals for Meritorious Service to the Police. They also referred to the approaching end of their mission in Poland emphasizing that it was an important chapter in their professional and personal life.

The ceremony was attended by the Executives of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police, the International Police Cooperation Bureau of the NPHQ, Criminal Investigation Bureau of the NPHQ and Cybercrime Bureau of the NPHQ. The ceremony was also honoured by the presence of Mr. Martin Cimerman - Deputy Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Poland.

  • Deputy Commander in Chief of Polish Police
  • Decoration of a French Liaison Officer
  • Decoration of a Slovak Liaison Officer
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