French Deputy Attaché for Internal Security honoured with Medal for Meritorious Service to the Police

On 28 July 2021 at the National Police Headquarters a ceremony was held to award the Medal for Meritorious Service to the Police to Fabien Guillaume Olivier Cosse, the Deputy Attaché for Internal Security at the French Embassy in Warsaw. His efforts have contributed to projects undertaken by the Polish and French police against organized crime and to strengthening bilateral police cooperation.

The ceremony of awarding the Medal for Meritorious Service to the Police coincides with the French attaché's completion of his mission in Poland. in Poland. Mr. Fabien Cosse began his service in our country on 15 August 2017, during which he has repeatedly been supporting Polish-French initiatives aimed at eradicating serious criminal phenomena and strengthening security. An example of such activity were actions taken to combat organized vehicle crime. Special praise should be given to the personal involvement of the French attaché in police operations against organized crime groups stealing luxury vehicles, transport vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery of high value on the territories of Western European countries in order to have them legalized subsequently in Poland. His involvement in this field substantially contributed to restraining the illegal activity and the individuals involved.

The 4-year term of office of the French attaché in Poland was also a period of active exchange of information between the Polish and French law enforcement agencies and establishing positive relations between Polish  and French police officers.

During today's ceremony Mr. Fabien Cosse was decorated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Police, General Jarosław Szymczyk. In his speech, the Chief of the Polish Police emphasized the merits of the decorated officer for establishing bonds of cooperation with the Polish Police, thanked for the joint ventures and wished him further professional success.

In his address to the audience, the honoured attaché thanked for the 4-year-long presence in Poland, stressing that it had been an exceptional time in his life, both in professional and personal terms.

The ceremony was attended by the Executives of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police, the International Police Cooperation Bureau of the NPHQ, Criminal Investigation Bureau of the NPHQ and Cybercrime Bureau of the NPHQ.

Mr. Fabien Cosse is concluding his mission as Deputy Attaché for Internal Security at the end of August 2021.

  • Police officers in gala uniforms march into the ceremony room.
  • Chief of Polish Police decorates the French Deputy Attaché.
  • Chief of Polish Police congratulates the French Deputy Attaché.
  • Speech by the Chief of Polish Police.
  • Speech by the French Deputy Attaché.
  • Ceremony attendants in a group photo.
  • Ceremony attendants in a group photo.
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