Commander-in-Chief of the Police with a visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Spain

On June 10, 2021 the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Madrid hosted a truly unique event - the solemn celebration of the Polish Police Day, which was attended not only by Commander-in-Chief of the Police, General Jaroslaw Szymczyk, but also Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Madrid, Mrs. Marzenna Adamczyk, and a number of distinguished guests, including the Commanders of the Spanish Police Force.

The celebration of Police Day at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Madrid received a special setting, both due to the status of the guests and the symbolic references to the history of the Polish Police. The attendees included the executives of the Policia Nacional (National Police) and the Guardia Civil (Civil Guard), as well as the Policia Municipal (Municipal Police) and the Policía Local de Alcalá de Henares (Local Police of Alcala de Henares), representatives from Ertzaintza (Basque Police), Mossos d'Escquadra, (Castilian Police) and Police Foral (from Navarre). The event was also attended by liaison officers of other countries accredited in Spain, representatives of the Polish consulates in Spain and the Embassy staff.

The ceremony held on such a large scale is a result of strengthening bilateral cooperation between the Polish and Spanish police forces in the field of fight against organized crime and security of mass events. As regards the latter, the Police will soon send spotters to Spain, who, together with Spanish police officers, will monitor the behaviour of Polish football fans during the European Football Championship EURO 2020. The bilateral exchange of experience and good practices brings multidimensional benefits. The map of Polish-Spanish police relations in 2019 was marked by an important reference point - the post of Liaison Officer at the Polish Embassy in Madrid. As major Karolina Gawlicka-Bąk - Liaison Officer of the Polish Police in Spain - noted, her daily duties at the foreign post include dozens of cases involving Polish citizens and joint activities with the Spanish Police. In carrying out the assigned duties, the assistance of the Ambassador and Spanish officers is invaluable. In this process, values so important in the uniformed services, such as trust and partnership, are being forged.

Prior to the ceremony, Commander-in-Chief of the Police General Jaroslaw Szymczyk met with the top executives of two Spanish police organizations - Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil. The Police Chiefs of both countries welcomed the Polish-Spanish police cooperation, emphasizing its importance for mutual security and declaring the need for its further development.

The ceremony was also an opportunity to award Medals for Merits to the Police to Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Spain, Mrs. Marzenna Adamczyk and two Spanish Police officers, Mr. Angel Luis Benitez Iglesias and Mr. Raúl Cabello Úbeda. Also, the Liaison Officer of the Polish Police in Spain was promoted to a higher police rank.

In his speech at the Embassy, the Commander-in-Chief of the Police thanked the Ambassador for her hospitality and her great commitment and support to the Polish Police in Spain. He also adressed special messages to the management of the Policia Nacional and the Guardia Civil, who graced the event with their presence. General Szymczyk thanked and expressed his appreciation for the good police cooperation reflected in the undertakings and projects that focus primarily on the safety of citizens of both countries.

Another important highlight of the ceremony at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Madrid was a photo exhibition dedicated to the 95 years of women's service in the Polish Police. The exhibition aimed to highlight the importance and role of women in the police structures in the historical perspective, including the period of the Second Republic of Poland and the present day. It was not the only reference to the history and traditions of the Polish Police. During the ceremony, members of the Poland First to Fight Cultural Historical Association from Spain presented themselves in the uniforms of the Polish National Police.

During the visit to Spain, the Commander-in-Chief was accompanied  by Director of the International Police Cooperation Bureau, Colonel Paulina Filipowiak. This has been the first foreign trip of the Chief of the Polish Police since a long time. Previously planned foreign undertakings of the executives of the Polish Police had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

  • Head of the Polish Police with the Polish Ambassador to Spain
  • Head of the Polish Police with the Polish Ambassador to Spain and representatives of the Spanish Police
  • The guests present at the meeting at the Polish Embassy in Madrid
  • Polish Police Chief presents medal for merits for the Police to the Ambassador of Poland in Spain
  • Head of the Polish Police with the representative of the Spanish Police
  • Head of the Polish Police with the representative of the Spanish Police
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