New, English version of the police website

The International Police Cooperation Bureau of the NPHQs has the pleasure to launch a new English version of our police website, developed in cooperation with the Social Communication Bureau of the NPHQs. The idea behind this initiative was to provide non-Polish speaking people staying in or planning to visit our country with comprehensive and practical information related to the Polish Police, as well as handy and useful guidelines for everyday use.

We also intend to make the Website a form of media communication with foreign partners who, thanks to regular updates of the posted content, will gain access to the overview of the most important foreign activities of the Polish Police and other information related to our organisation.

Despite restrictions on movement caused by the epidemic threat from SARS-COV-2, Poland remains an open country and a destination that is eagerly visited by foreigners. The experience of our daily service clearly shows that people who visit our country, whether for tourism, business or personal purposes, need our protection and support. Like all of us, they do witness crimes, and unfortunately they fall victim to them as well. They are traffic users, they can be checked, and they can also be perpetrators of offences and criminal acts. One cannot enumerate all the circumstances in which someone may need our help immediately.

The Polish Police, following the motto "To serve and protect", applies it to every individual, regardless of language, skin colour and views, for the sake of security and respect for the legal order, so that everyone can feel at home in our country. Hence "About Polish Police" intends to be primarily a support platform for foreigners. However, it is also a news website about the Police as such, describing who we are and how we operate internationally.

“About Polish Police” was divided into separate categories:

  • About us - general information about the Polish Police
  • Heads of the Polish Police - short biographical notes of the Police’s Executives
  • International Cooperation - general information on international police cooperation
  • For Foreigners - information for foreigners residing and staying in Poland
  • News - news documenting the events featuring our foreign partners

We strive to constantly develop our website by updating it with new content. We are also open to our readers' comments, as they are the ones who matter most to us. We welcome all remarks concerning the form and content, as we believe that the measure of our work is your satisfaction and whether and to what extent the effects of our efforts constitute real support and practical help for those whom "About Polish Police" is dedicated to.

The website is available on the Police website ( or directly under the link: Please send your comments to the following e-mail address:

You are cordially welcome to visit the website.


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