#Blue Honour - remember those who paid the highest price in the line of duty

July is a special month for police officers. In July we celebrate the Police Day. One of the highlights of the annual Police Day celebrations is the ceremony held in front of the Memorial Wall commemorating the fallen Police Officers. For the entire organization, these are extremely emotional moments, since this is how the officers pay tribute to those who, while protecting the life and health of citizens, died in the line of duty. May the memory of them never fade away - we encourage you to support and take part in the #BlueHonour campaign.

They will remain forever alive in our memory

As a tribute to the colleagues who have left us for eternal watch, every year during the national celebration of the Police Day, a ceremony is held to unveil new epitaph plaques on the Memorial Wall and to insert new cards into the Memorial Book. This is a particularly touching and elevated moment for the entire police force. Through their presence here, by bowing their heads in front of epitaphs with the names of the fallen officers and by prayer, the police community pays tribute and reaffirms their commitment to the memory of all those officers who, while protecting the health and life of citizens, paid the highest price in service and fulfilled the words of the police oath to the end.

The Memorial Wall in honour of Fallen Police Officers should be empty, there should be not even a single name on it - however, the service and profession of a police officer is one of the most dangerous and although we do our best to prevent new names from appearing on the Wall, we do realize that this is a very tough task.

For this reason, the memory of all those who died will never be lost, as well as the memory of officers from all over the world who gave their own lives to save others.


Staff ensign Piotr Chwastowski a police officer known as co-author of a video clip “Proud to be a Dog”, who hosts a facebook fanpage “Dogs Speak up", working in Opole on a daily basis, in June initiated a challenge #BlueHonourin social media. By recording a short video in honour of those who gave their lives in service, the officer honoured the heroes, thus encouraging more people, or entire police units, to honour those who died, so that the memory of them never fades away.

Commander-in-Chief of Polish Police, general inspector Jarosław Szymczyk on behalf of himself, the Management of the Polish Police and all police officers and civil employees of the Police, also having in mind the retired and pensioned police officers paid his tribute to the Fallen Police Officers, in a place of special significance for the Polish Police - in front of the Memorial Wall with epitaph plaques commemorating the police officers who died while performing their professional duties.

Police officers who died in the line of duty were also saluted by the Provincial Commander-in-Chief of Police in Opole general Jarosław Kaleta, Szymon Głuszek  - a police officer from Gostycyn who host a FB profile “Even risking life”, Commander of the Central Counterterrorist Subdivision of the Police BOA and the Independent Counterrorist Subdivision of the Police in Wrocław. Other police officers and individuals pay tribute as well.

We encourage you to support the #BlueHonour campaign

Every day, thousands of male and female police officers turn up to serve to ensure that you may feel safe.  They fulfill their duties with full commitment and involvement.  Some of them pay the highest price for their dedication.  We're not raising any money. We don't support any ideology. We don't protest. We don't demand anything. We don’t fight. All we want is to pay tribute to the fallen Male and Female Police Officers. You, too, can pay tribute to those who shed their blood.

And you too can support #BlueHonour!

Record your short vide and tag it with a hashtag #BlueHonour. No words needed.  A gesture means more than words.

Everyone can honour those who protect us every day.  Join us.

#BlueHonour #BlueHonour

*If you want, you can any time support the Foundation for Support to the Widows and Orphans of Fallen Police Officers

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