DEA Country Attaché in Poland awarded with a medal for his merits to the Polish Police

On 1st July 2020, the National Police Headquarters hosted a ceremony of awarding the Bronze Medal of Merit for the Police to Mr. Jason Schumacher, head of the DEA Poland at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw. Mr. Schumacher contributed greatly to the development of partnership relations with the Polish Police, thus facilitating its success in the fight against organized drug crime.

Representing the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Mr. Jason Schumacher provided ongoing support to Polish officers in their activities aimed against drug crime. The multifaceted cooperation between the Police and the DEA found its reflection in joint actions and operations, contributing to successes of global dimension and importance. The personal commitment of Agent Schumacher, his knowledge and experience enabled Polish police officers to open up to prospects for international cooperation with their foreign counterparts, and jointly initiated and implemented initiatives contributed to building a positive image of the Polish Police in the eyes of foreign partners.

Alongside purely operational measures, on the initiative of Jason Schumacher, police representatives had the opportunity to directly learn about the DEA’s latest solutions in the fight against drug crime. Agent Schumacher personally accompanied the Polish Police delegation during this year's visit to the DEA Office of Training in Quantico, where modern techniques for training DEA agents and the latest technological know-how of the Agency were presented.

During the ceremony, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police general  Kamil Bracha decorated agent Jason Schumacher. In his speech, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief emphasised the numerous merits of the honoured agent for fostering ties of cooperation with the Police, thanked him for joint enterprises and wished him further professional success in connection with his new challenges at the DEA Division in Washington.

At the end of the meeting, agent Schumacher was presented with a commemorative statuette, symbolizing the energy and dynamics of fire. This special ceremony was also attended by colonel Paweł Półtorzycki - Commander of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police, colonel Paulina Filipowiak - Director of the International Police Cooperation Bureau, colonel Grzegorz Napiórkowski - Director of the Criminal Bureau, and colonel Mariusz Lenczewski - Director of Cybercrime Bureau.

On 10 May 2020, Agent Jason Schumacher completed his mission in Poland.

The Medal of Merit for the Police is awarded by the Minister of the Internal Affairs and Administration, inter alia, at a motion of the Commander-in-Chief of the Police. The awarded person receives a Medal and a certificate confirming its award. The medal is awarded primarily to the civilians as a distinction for outstanding merits in the field of implementation of the statutory tasks of the Police, as well as for cooperation between the Polish Police and police forces of other countries.


  • Agent Jason Schumacher, DEA, General Kamil Bracha, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Polish Police, and Chief of CBSP Paweł Poltorzycki are posing for photo
  • Special DEA agent Jason Schumacher awarded Brown Police Merit-Based Medal
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