Safe Christmas shopping

This year's preparations for Christmas as well as Christmas itself have a slightly different character. Unfortunately, it is due to the worldwide coronavirus SARS-COV-2 pandemic and related restrictions. Shopping malls opened on November 28th have been witnessinga growing traffic yet the number of people allowed to do shopping at the same time is limited and depends on the surface of the premises. We should remember that in order to limit contacts with other people, we can also make purchases online.



When leaving home, remember to cover your mouth and nose. Before entering the store we have
to disinfect our hands or put on disposable gloves. While doing shopping, you should keep distance from other customers. Wheneverpossible, we should try to choose the time of the day with lightest traffic. For elderly people over 60 years of age, the legislator has set special hours for seniors from Monday to Friday, 10:00-12:00.


Do not let ourselves be robbed!

The police officers advise to be particularly careful wherever there are large concentrations of people, namely in shopping malls, stores, fairs and public transport. These are the places where most thefts show up. Unfortunately, pickpockets most often take advantage of our carelessness. Let's be particularly careful in places such as: stations, stops, stores, where we are exposed to thefts. If we have a larger amount of money with us, we should not keep it in one place. By separating it and placing it in different places, we will reduce the risk of possible loss of all the cash we have. When paying for purchases, do not show all the contents of your wallet, it is safest to have the amount of money prepared earlier. Do not write your PIN number on the payment card, do not expose it in a visible place either. When shopping, remember not to place documents, money or cell phones in the back pockets of your trousers, in the outer pockets of your coat or jacket. We should also pay attention to handbags, backpacks and handy shopping bags, not leaving them unattended. When you take out your wallet several times while shopping, close your bag or backpack each time. Keep it preferably in the front, with fastening faced to you.


Stay alert!

When shopping, carry the keys to the apartment in a different place than the documents with the address, because if they are lost, the thief may rob our apartment. Let's pay attention to the confusion in the store, bus or market hall. While travelling or moving by public transport, try not to leave your luggage unattended, as this may not only threaten with the loss of our property, but may also cause an alarm by the services responsible for security.


Keep an eye on  children while shopping!

When taking the children with us, make sure they do not get lost. If this happens, ask quickly for help from the staff of the facility where you are. It is worthwhile to teach the children beforehand that
if they move away from their parents or guardians, they should always return to the place where they last saw them. Older children should have contacts to their closest ones and relatives saved on their mobile devices. The easiest way to make sure that the phone numbers to your loved ones are easily accessible in such a situation is to write the ICE abbreviation before the name of the contacts on your phone.



Be cautious while shopping online!

Shopping online has become virtually day-to-day activity in the era of coronavirus, especially now, before Christmas, it is very popular. It is very convenient and give you the opportunity to choose the most attractive offer from the numerous online stores or auction portals. When buying online, however, we must remember that the Internet is also a place where scammers operate. While shopping online, we urge you to take basic precautions and use your common sense. Therefore, let's beware of special bargains and huge promos for different types of goods. Each time check the credibility of the seller, their previous auctions and the opinions of buyers about them.
Try to make purchases on delivery, pay after receiving the ordered goods. When receiving an offer
by e-mail, do not use links, and enter the store's website by typing the address in the browser's window, thus avoiding pages imitating legal stores. Avoid purchasing items with abnormally low price, because they may come from crime and keep the correspondence with the seller for your own sake. After redirecting to your bank's website, when paying by e-transfer, always make sure that nothing raises your doubts. Make payments only viatrusted devices and avoid making them in public places. Never share your PIN numbers or passwords, for example when it comes to electronic banking. Also beware of suspicious messages about the need for an extra payment for the parcel.

Let's take care of each other!

If we order goods with home delivery, it is essential that we take care of our own safety as well as that of the delivery staff. We should always pick up our purchases wearing a safety mask, try to keep a distance, and if we need to sign something, use our own pen. If we are in quarantine or isolation, it is essential to inform the supplier or dispatcher. They will leave your order at the door without having to contact you directly. This is a special time full of responsibility, in which we have to think about our own safetyand safety of other people.


We urge you to stay watchful and keep common sense whiledoing Christmas shopping.



(Social Prevention Department of Bureau of Prevention National Police Headquarters)

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